Tuesday, 11 January 2011

new possibilities anyone?

Time to move on gradually to new pastures - in life and in new blogging and writing…… experiments. I have started two new blogs…. For those who want to read about Hepatitis C issues I will continue to post occasional offerings here….
But now that I am two months past end of treatment, and just beginning to notice signs of being less sub-human and more of a functioning being… time for so new adventures. One of the possibilities I set my sights on as I gently go forward into life again, is writing more. Developing ways to explore words, play with themes, and especially for that to be in some way about growthfulness, a meaningful life and community. Crucial themes for me in any case, but perhaps from chronic or severe illness, many of us will build an even deeper commitment to an authentic path and to a shared experience of human living. And about healing, living, discovering…
Not to get too earnest though… I do hang out at another blog, just born a baby blog called cloud kooky land,. And everything there is really all just about creativity and exploring possibilities and allowing oneself to ease up, let go and feel more free. Lots of nonsense, random curiosities, some poems, a few games and moments or snapshots of different windows to look through
Just for fun and also because it’s a great thing to encourage one another to be creative and expressive…. And for me it all starts with play. So bring toys and games and much splashy good spirit…… see you at cloud kooky land


(will keep this blog alive with ocassional posts on Hep C issues and - I hope - some guest bloggers from time to time.)

warm wishes and hope to see you at eva-everyday adventures


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  1. Yaaayyyy cloud kooky land!!! Sounds way more fun than interferon/ribavirin land!